Bhutan teer result

Bhutan Teer Result: A Fun and Exciting Lottery Game

There is a unique and thrilling lottery game known as Bhutan Teer located in the picturesque kingdom of Bhutan, tucked away in the majestic Himalayan mountains, which is known as one of the world’s most exciting lottery games. In this traditional game, deeply rooted in Bhutanese culture, you will find elements of archery mixed with the thrill of betting to create an exciting and unique experience.

What is Bhutan Teer?

There is no numbered ball lottery game like Bhutan Teer, unlike those you might be familiar with. A skilled archer will aim at a designated target in order to achieve success in this sport. Throughout Bhutan, the game is played at various places throughout the country, usually in open fields or areas that have been specifically designated for the event. It is a spectacle that attracts participants from both locals and tourists alike, who gather to witness the spectacle and place bets on the result.

How Does Bhutan Teer Work?

There are two rounds of the game that take place, the first round called the “First Round,” and the second round called the “Second Round.” In both rounds, a group of skilled archers take turns firing arrows at a target during each round. Targets are typically placed at a distance away from the shooter, typically a wooden board or a smaller object of some kind.

Betting on the Outcome

The excitement intensifies here, and that’s when things get really exciting. It is customary for participants to place their bets on various outcomes before each round of play begins. In each round, they make predictions about how many arrows will hit the target and how many of those arrows will land on it. As an example, if the number of arrows hitting the target in the first round was 50, and you placed a bet on that number, you would win if the total number of arrows hit the target that round. There are multiple chances to win in the second round of the contest, giving participants multiple chances to win in the final round.

Announcing the Results

After all the arrows have been shot and the rounds have been completed, the officials tally up the total number of arrows which hit the target during each round in order to determine the winner. There is an announcement of the results, and winners are determined according to the accuracy in which their bets were placed.

Community and Tradition

Bhutanese society holds significant cultural and communal significance to the game of Bhutan Teer, which goes beyond the thrill of playing the game and the potential for winning in the game. There is a strong sense of camaraderie and unity that is fostered among those who participate in this event, which brings people together. Additionally, it serves as a cherished tradition, passed down from generation to generation, which contributes to the preservation of Bhutan’s rich cultural heritage.


Although Bhutan Teer is known as a lottery game, it is much more than that: at its core, it is a celebration of tradition, skill, and a sense of community that lies at the center of everything it stands for. The excitement of Bhutan Teer captivates all those who participate in it, as archers take aim and spectators hold their breath as they watch archers. The next time you are fortunate enough to find yourself in the enchanting kingdom of Bhutan, don’t let the opportunity pass you by before experiencing the thrill of Bhutan Teer first hand. Who knows what the future holds? Your odds of walking away a winner might just be better than you think!

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